Sunday, June 28, 2009

Its Sunday and the weather is perfect outside! I spent a good portion of the day on my deck under the umbrella reading and talking to a friend in Georgia. I had planned to have my lunch out back as well but Mom came by and she can't stand the heat. So I sat in the house and ate while she looked over Jackie's coffee fundraiser. She is selling coffee to raise money for the Women Engineers conference in California.

I went to Atlantic City yesterday with Jackie. We went to the Caesars pier and bought a new charm for her bracelet. It is going to be her birthday present. She wanted a palm tree, Florida girl ya know. We also walked down to the Tun Tavern and had dinner, she had tuna and I had mushroom stuffed ravioli. We went down to the Showboat casino after that to see Bob Harper of the Biggest Loser show. All I can say is what a nice guy. We bought his book and he signed them for us, took the time to talk to us and posed for pictures with each of us. Just a wonderful positive person.

John made it back from is 24 hour fishing trip to the Canyon. Brian and him caught 2 large tuna which they split up between them and the other guys on the boat. They were really tired but no rest since our hot water heater broke and he had to look forward to fixing that today. Luckily, my sister is in Turks and Caicos and I am helping watch her dog so we just used her shower for the past two days. :>

So my back hurt last night and this morning but thank God it is good right now. The pain in my upper right side is ok now too! One day at a time.


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