Monday, June 22, 2009

The News

In June of 2008 the doctor found what they thought was a bone island on my spine, T1 vertebrae. They wanted it re-imaged in January to confirm it hadn't changed. On January 20th I went to have the whole Thoracic spine imaged just to confirm the bone island was stable. My life changed a week later when they called and told me that I have 8, yes 8, lesions on my spine from the T3-T12 vertebral bodies. Oh btw, the bone island is stable. That is good news...WHAT!

So since that day they have done more tests some came out good some not so on the liver in April,NG. All spots in liver and on spine location not conducive to biopsy and very small.

Still no diagnosis will go for follow-up MRI at the end of July. I have been tense and worried everyday for the past year and if the disease doesn't kill me the stress will.

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