Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Followup MRI

I went for the followup MRI on Monday for the 8 spots they found on my spine last January. They put me in and out of the machine 4 times! What does that mean? They wouldn't say a word only that they were getting something strange and kept looking for things in my gown that might be showing up. Well, needless to say this didn't make me feel good. I know when you go for a Mamo if they take more pic's it usually means they saw something and want a better picture. John said it is because they couldn't find the spots from the last time...from his mouth to Gods ears!

So here is the best part, the doctors office called today, Wednesday, to say he isn't back in the office until NEXT MONDAY! okay so no one can give me the results? Nope he has to do it and he may want to do it in person. If he is out until Monday what are the odds of him calling then? He will have a pile of work a mile high. So on it goes I just keep praying that all will be well.

The good news is I had a nice time at my nephew Michael's graduation BBQ last night. It was a little rainy but we were under my sisters covered porch. It was nice since it wasn't too hot.

God has also kept me sane by allowing me to feel pretty good throughout this ordeal. I have had little aches and pains which I wouldn't even think about if I didn't know what was going on in my spine. So I will keep up the faith!


Monday, July 13, 2009

Nice time today visiting with my granny! My cousin Rob from Texas came to visit so we went up to see granny with his mom, my Aunt Madeline. Granny doesn't say much anymore but she looked glad to see us. She still likes to eat her dark chocolate M&M's! There were still blueberries out back for Rob to pick. This is by far the longest we have ever had blueberries, I guess all of that rain was good for some things.

GREAT news today my liver function test came back in the normal range. I am so happy! Now if the MRI on July 20th comes back with no change, or should I even hope that the spots disappear? I will be walking on sunshine, oh yeah!

Thanks for all of your prayers I am sure they are working!


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Well, its the weekend and it is bright and sunny. I had every meal out back on my deck today so that made me feel good.

John and I were out late last night/this morning since we went to see a friend of his who plays in a band. It was all the way up in Trenton so we had a 50 minute drive just to get there. They were pretty good but we didn't get home until 2:00 this morning!

I am still waiting for the results of my liver function panel. I am going crazy waiting for the results, I want to know but I don't. If the levels go up I will be very depressed b/c this most likely means the lesion in liver is causing some damage and may be cancer. I try not to think about it but how can I not? I just keep thinking that the 20th is marching closer and closer (MRI)... I am hoping for a miracle where the spots on the spine are concerned, can't they just disappear?

I am having trouble with lots of my hair falling out now and I hope it is just from the stress, but this is why the Dr. ordered the liver test. He also didn't like the look of my nails, very pale, horizontal lines and no moons.

Tomorrow is church with Jackie and John. I keep praying for a miracle...let the lesions disappear!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Well, I had to get up early today to go to a doctors appointment in Toms River. I had to have a spot taken off my arm. They tried to do it a few months ago but I found out they didn't get a big enough sample to biopsy. I told them not to just scrape it but they didn't want to do a punch biopsy soooo I had to go through it again!

Rain, rain, rain! I am just glad we had 5 mostly sunny days up until today. It sure does make me feel better when I can see the sun for a few hours. I hope the rain stops by 3:00 because I am supposed to go and pick blueberries with two of my girlfriends. They are big, blue, juicy and extra sweet this year! You are missing out Diane!

I took my Dad for a late Fathers Day dinner yesterday over on the island. We went to Ravioli and More and the food was pretty good. After lunch we walked up to the beach and sat and listened to the waves for awhile, it was bright, peaceful and the air smelled so clean!

I saw granny yesterday after doing her grocery shopping. She is getting so frail and really doesn't say much. I mashed a banana for her and she ate it right up. The poor thing was so hungry I think they need to feed her more.

Well, I better go and get something done.