Monday, July 13, 2009

Nice time today visiting with my granny! My cousin Rob from Texas came to visit so we went up to see granny with his mom, my Aunt Madeline. Granny doesn't say much anymore but she looked glad to see us. She still likes to eat her dark chocolate M&M's! There were still blueberries out back for Rob to pick. This is by far the longest we have ever had blueberries, I guess all of that rain was good for some things.

GREAT news today my liver function test came back in the normal range. I am so happy! Now if the MRI on July 20th comes back with no change, or should I even hope that the spots disappear? I will be walking on sunshine, oh yeah!

Thanks for all of your prayers I am sure they are working!



  1. Way to go Terry--and you had better go this time for the MRI or else!!!! I have been very bad tonight--planned on a fresh salad for supper and instead ( as it was getting late) I heated up one of those prepacks of beef stew and through in my leftover asparagus from last night--the sodium in the stew is 1250-OUCH--and not I need to "chase" that taste down--so I am eating a "triple chocolate Klondie bar!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I said BAD ----Love Di